helping you stop what you want to stop & start what you want to start!

helping you stop what you want to stop & start what you want to start!

helping you stop what you want to stop & start what you want to start!helping you stop what you want to stop & start what you want to start!helping you stop what you want to stop & start what you want to start!

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what hypnosis solution do you desire Most?

START Weight Loss

An Overweight Male Who Wants to Lose Weight

Do you hate the fact that none of your cloths fit right? Do you avoid social settings because you've got nothing to wear? Were you shocked to see yourself in the last family photo? Do you hate yourself for letting this happen? 

Clients often come to Keith Ivey | Hypnotist as a last ditch effort to lose weight. They've tried everything they could find and nothing has worked.

Research tells us that people who  use hypnosis lose more than twice as much weight as those who diet without hypnosis. In addition, research has found that those who practice hypnosis improved their eating habits and body image.

 If they had come to Keith Ivey | Hypnotist first, there's an excellent chance they would have achieved their desired results and saved a ton of time, money and frustration.

Hypnosis will be your best friend!

STOP Smoking

A Smoker Who Has Given Up Cigarettes

Are you finally ready to stop smoking or vaping? Are you tired of the smell, the mess and the money you're spending? Are you over the time that smoking or vaping takes our of your day. And have you finally taken to heart the damage that these filthy habits are doing to your body?

Like weight loss, many clients come to Keith Ivey | Hypnotist because everything they've tried has failed. And they're on the verge of giving up the search for freedom from smoking and vaping. 

Research says that, after six sessions, 93% of smokers kicked the habit to the curb. 

 If they had come to New South Hypnotherapy first, there's an excellent chance they would have achieved their desired results and saved a ton of time, money and frustration.

Hypnosis will be your best friend, too.

STOP Drinking

A Man Who Wants to Stop Drinking So Much

When it comes to alcohol, you've got a split mind. On the one hand, you believe you'd be better off if you drank less. On the other hand, you feel like you're missing out when you don't drink. You're "interested in being interested" in drinking less and you're pretty sure you're not an alcoholic. After all, in your stressful world alcohol is your "go to" for stress relief. 

Maybe you've tried to drink less but found that the stresses of life  bring you right back to this "stress reliever of choice."

You've got a love/hate relationship with alcohol. You may have set drinking limits in the morning but  blow right past them at happy hour. You've tried to use willpower but it didn't work for long which just adds to your frustration and stress.

But, in spite of your relationship to alcohol, you're ready to regain control over your drinking habits, your life, your health and your relationships. You're ready to be "your best self"!

Hypnosis will be your best friend!

START Rebuilding Your Self-Confidence

A Graphic of a Cat Who Sees Himself as a Lion

Are your fears or lack of confidence holding you back? Do you have a fear that stops you from living the life you truly desire? Maybe a fear of flying that limits your travel or a fear of intimacy that has a negative impact on your romantic relationships. 

Do you stutter or feel awkward when put on the spot? Do you feel like you don't measure up to those around you? Do you settle for less out of life because that's all you feel you deserve or can achieve? Are you freezing up on tests or struggling when you study? Would you like to have an extra does of confidence to accomplish your new goal? Look in the mirror: Are YOU the one standing in your way?

Hypnosis is the key to your confidence.

STOP Public Speaking Fear

A Man Afraid of Public Speaking Refusing to Take the Microphone

Do you find it difficult to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively in public? Do you believe that your inability to speak effectively in public is harming your career? 

 Glossophobia is the rather strange word that describes the fear, anxiety or panic you feel in the face of an oral presentation in front of an audience. You're not alone. Approximately 25% of people report experiencing this fear on a spectrum ranging from nervousness to incapacitating panic. 

Keith Ivey | Hypnotist will provide you with a reduction of tension in your life and eliminate the troubling thoughts that surround public speaking. 

Hypnosis will be your best friend!

STOP Stressing at Work/Home

A Young Lady Experience a High Level of Stress

Are you preoccupied with the stresses of your life at home or work? Do you find that even holidays and weekends are more stressful than the stresses of the week?

Are the stresses of life robbing you of the joy of living? Have you found that the stresses of modern living are catching up with you leaving you with tension headaches, backaches, sleepless nights and a daily lack of energy.

Everyday you face the bills to be paid, the piles of work on your desk and the disconnect between what you desire for yourself and your family and what is reality.

Hypnosis will enable you to let go of stress and live a happier, calmer life.  Imagine what it will be like to feel much calmer and more at ease...enjoy healthier and happier relationships...experiencing  a renewed sense of optimism!

We Understand and Care About You

What if your subconscious mind holds the secret to your improved life?

And what if hypnosis is the tool you can use to leverage the power of your subconscious mind to STOP what you want to STOP and START what you want to START?

Most people have something they'd like to START in their life. And many of those same people have something they'd like to STOP in their life. But, try as they might, something keeps them stuck in the same old patterns.

Some people want to START their weight loss journey. Others want to START enhancing their self-image and confidence. Still others want to START their ability to speak in public.

Others want to STOP procrastinating, drinking, gambling and negative self-talk.

No matter what you want to STOP or START, hypnosis can be your most valuable tool.

Once upon a time, the only hypnotists I'd ever seen were in night clubs or on cruise ships. And I never volunteered to be hypnotized. I was anything but an exhibitionist!

One day a business contact - who is a clinical hypnotherapist - persuaded me to come see her ... just one time. For the sake of the professional relationship I agreed. 

That one hour changed my life. I continued to see her every Friday for three months. One day I asked her if I could do for others what she was doing for me. She said she thought I could and set me on the path to training, certification and opening my private practice.

I did not choose hypnosis. Hypnosis chose me. And now I do for others what my hypnotherapist did for me. I would be honored to discover how I can be of value to you.

Keith Ivey, Founder & Certified Clinical Hypnotist at Keith Ivey | Hypnotist

Keith Ivey, Founder & Certified Clinical Hypnotist at Keith Ivey | Hypnotist

EXperiencing hypnosis at Keith Ivey | Hypnotist is Easy!

After you schedule a free "Hypnosis Screening" appointment, we'll meet in person OR on the phone for the very first time and ...

1. We'll explain how hypnosis works and answer your questions.

2. Then we'll conduct a "Hypnosis Screening" to determine whether or not we can accept you as a client. Not everyone is accepted into a program. Our programs are in high demand, and we turn people away if they are not motivated to make the changes they say they desire. At your screening, we will evaluate your needs and determine if hypnosis is right for you and, then, put together a customized program just for you. All of your questions will get answered including the customized program fee. We believe it is unethical to discuss fees without a comprehensive screening.

3. If all parties agree that we can be of service to you, we'll schedule your program sessions and get you started toward achieving your goals.

some of the things we can do for you

We can help you figure out what's holding you back from the success you desire.

What if you would benefit from having another set of eyes and ears to help you figure out exactly what's keeping you stuck where you are, unable to live your perfect life.

We can develop and deliver the message your subconscious mind needs to hear.

We communicate with both the conscious and subconcious mind.

We can help you eliminate the thoughts and/or habits that keep you from the success you desire.

Few things limit your success more than negative thoughts, self-talk and behavior patterns . We can help you eliminate all of the negative things you say to yourself that suck all the fun out of life. Eliminating negative thoughts,  self-talk and behavior patterns will go a long way toward enabling you to enjoy the success you desire.

how do you prefer to experience your hypnosis?


If you prefer to experience hypnosis in the comfort of your home, that's great! We will call you after you've  settled into your favorite chair or couch.

Your experience will be effective and convenient and can be scheduled during the day or night.

We Come to You

If you prefer a face-to-face hypnosis experience but desire to receive it in your home or office, we'll come to you.

Your experience will be very similar to what it would be like in our office.

You Come to Us

If you prefer a face-to-face experience and want to get away from your home or office, you can come to us at our office.

Your experience will be just as effective as it would have been on the phone or at your location.


Hypnosis Effectiveness Compared to Psychoanalysis and Behavior Therapy

Is hypnosis really effective?

Both the research and our clients say YES! If it wasn't effective, our clients wouldn't return for multiple visits. But 87% of our clients book additional sessions after they complete their initial program.

What do you charge?

We create an individual hypnosis plan for each client based on their personal needs. Each client begins with a free "Hypnosis Screening" in which we determine to what degree we can be helpful to them. Part of that screening is a discussion of fees. We believe it is unethical to discuss fees without a "Hypnosis Screening."

Is Hypnosis guaranteed?

No, hypnosis is not guaranteed. But we have a service guarantee. After the agreed upon program sessions, if your "presenting issue" is unresolved, we will continue to see you regarding that issue once a  month for up to six months at no additional fee.

In addition to the weight loss/smoking/drinking issues, do you work with people with other issues?

Yes! During your free "Hypnosis Screening", we'll discover the issue that most concerns you, and we'll tell you if that's an issue within our competency range. If it isn't, we'll give you a referral to another hypnotist.

In hypnosis, do I give you control of my mind?

Absolutely not! A hypnotist cannot get you to do anything that violates your morals or ethics. Entertainment hypnotists have an "entertainment agenda" and people who volunteer to be hypnotized are exhibitionists.

A clinical hypnotist's agenda is set by the client. The only messages we deliver to a client's subconscious mind are the messages the client desires to hear.

For what issues is hypnosis useful?

Hypnosis is very effective as a tool for enhancing self-esteem and confidence, weight loss, smoking, fears, guilt, business/professional performance, public speaking, panic attacks and negative thought and/or behavior patterns.

What Some of our Clients Have Said

Jim S. - Business Owner/Atlanta, GA Office Client

"In just a few short sessions Keith was able to help me reframe my mindset to one of positive self-talk that was very much needed to assist me in speaking in front of larger groups. 

He has an uncanny ability to help you re-associate new thinking in situations that are plagued with negative self-talk. 

 He helped me change my perspective in order to enable more powerful thoughts and actions in areas of my life where I've had persistent difficulties personally and professionally."

Steve W. - Business Owner/Marietta, GA Office Client

"My first session impressed me and I left with a clarity and confidence about how to proceed with my situation. 

 I have continued to meet with Keith and come away from each session glad that I went.  Keith has been good for me!"

Wanda B. - Business Owner/New Orleans, LA Phone Client

"Keith's guidance has removed obstacles from my life in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. I’m healthier, happier, and highly motivated. 

I’m excited by my new potential, which is continuing to be revealed with every session."

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No matter how we connect, we look forward to meeting you at your complimentary "Hypnosis Screening."

Please contact us with questions.

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